Almost two years ago, in late of December of 2009, I planned to make this place all about Photo365. I wanted to post a photo a day for an entire year. While I had plenty of good solid reasons to do this, it didn’t pan out in the end and I abandoned this place for some time.

Now my life is completely different then it was back then. Not only have Matt and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl in to the world in January of 2011, but we made the crazy decision to move almost 1,200 miles from everything we know (in Sacramento, California) and set up our home in Denver, Colorado, in June of 2011.

The idea of starting a new year in my new life is pretty exciting, and I’ve finally decided to do my best in documenting it. I’m not really sure what I am getting in to, but I’m determined to do it to the best of my ability!

Last, but not least, there was one thing that I wanted to keep from my first start here. Here’s to hoping it will motivate me to keep things going!

“There are so many things I’ve wanted to do in my life and I feel like I never have the motivation to finish, or even start, all of them.  I always feel at the end of every year that I haven’t done half of what I would have liked to do and it gives me a sense of frustration. That, in itself, was a good reason to start this project.  I want to be able to look back at this year and realize that I did more then I thought and realize that I can do even more in the years to come!”

With love,


**December 2011**


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